Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Useless, Troublesome Services running in Win XP

We all know there are a lot of services running in XP which are just a nuisance. Here is one I noticed recently and found the fix to shut off. The problem I observed is well described by the title of this KB article: "Programs May Start, Quit, Lose, and Gain Focus Randomly"
KB313176 is at;en-us;313176
The functionality is called "advanced text services", and that article describes how to disable it. I have not investigated what is going on under the hood, ie the service which runs and associated registry settings, but this seems to clear up the problem.


Blogger Allan Wolff said...

I just found another relevant KB article about the Language Text Service. It is: HOW TO: Use the Language Bar in Windows XP

Among other things it says this:
Notes: • Use this procedure to turn off handwriting recognition, speech recognition, and some accessibility features temporarily. These services can affect performance, and if you are not using them with your current program, you can turn them off temporarily.
• If you are not using a text service at all, you should remove it.

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Blogger Allan Wolff said...

Here is another site with information and relateted links:

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