Saturday, July 02, 2005

Windows Registry, SAM etc

I've been doing some research on Windows Security. I have indeed lost/forgotten the admin password for a laptop harddrive I physically switch in and out of my laptop. I can log in as my standard user, but obviously am limited w/o the admin password. I have looked for password recovery tools, but based on my research, since I put most of the current patches on that drive (XP-Pro) I think they will have a hard time. I may try resetting the admin password.

I have a number of links to put up. Here are some to start off.

How the Registry is Architected is a good article at Windows IT Library.
It does not discuss WinXP but emphasizes differences between NT4 and Win2K.
It explains the SAM key on workstations, which is indeed used to store authentication information.

Other articles explain the LM (Lan Manager) and NTLM password hashes that are stored there for local authentication.


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