Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Audio Stream Capture

Here are some articles about capturing Audio Streams. This is something I have been trying to do since I found the great programming on BBC radio.

Wikipedia has quite a few good articles on digital audio encoding and decoding in different formats. Audio Data Compression is quite good, including a section on Lossless compression.

And it supplied some good references to other tools.

Swen's Weblog explains How to download Real Audio streams and convert Real Audio to MP3
He also writes about Lossless Compression with the Shorten (.SHN) format.
The eTree.org Wiki is also a good source on Lossless Encoding using Shorten or FLAC.

A Small SHN and MD5 FAQ by D & G Hamiltion is a widely referenced article (last update 2003). Sources he references have stopped updating and reference the Wikipedia article above.


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