Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Posting again

Decided to start posting here in public again.

Topics I could fill in on, over the past year cover a lot of Windows configuration issues - especially security related ones. As to programming, the new .NET stuff of most interest is probably LINQ. But I have been doing more shell programming and will put up some notes about it.

Along the way I have found a lot of useful utilities...

Disk and File management utilites:
Bulk Rename (recommended by Scott Hanselman)
DU.EXE by SysInternals guys now at Microsoft
FolderSize - freeware by a curmudgeonly Brian Oraas at

Multiple great utilities by Nir Sofer
Particularly his terrifc RegScanner utility. I've never seen anything like it!
Boy does it run fast. And you can restrict searches in a multiplicity of ways.
There was a command line registry grep tool, but I've lost track of it.

And regarding security the standard Microsoft utilities...
I have had to become pretty familiar with these to keep running LUA.


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