Saturday, May 21, 2005

CWUG meeting - Mark Skoog, walking encyclopedia

The Chicago Windows User's group

Mark Skoog presented a report from the Windows HEC held in April. But more than that he answered questions on a variety of hardware related topics, especially multi-media playing and telephonic capabilities. I still have a number of questions I want answered.

In discussion after the meeting there was some reference to IM (he had mentioned MS Live Communication Server during the talk). He said that many staff, even in purported secure financial companies use IM. I said most companies, in my experience, disable IM by locking down desktops and closing network ports, but he started to respond suggesting that was either not done or not effective. I would like elaboration on that topic.

I also am more interested in good audio over my home network than video, and would like details on how to set it up.


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