Friday, May 06, 2005

Understanding Cryptography in .NET

I've come across a couple of articles on MSDN that helped me get a perspective on cryptography in .NET.

There is a reasonably full discussion under the "Securing Applications" heading in the .NET Framework Developer's Guide at:

Another one under the Web Services Enhancements topic is a quick overview:

UPDATE - 7/1/05
Two articles in MSDN with sample apps:
Cryptography Simplified in Microsoft .NET (2003) - an introduction by Paul Sheriff
Employ Strong Encryption in Your Apps with Our CryptoUtility Component - Article in MSDN Magazine (Nov 2004) by J. Sawyer and M. Stuart

And some others:
A Simple Guide to Cryptography under Implementing ASP Security
Protect Private Data with the Cryptography Namespaces of the .NET Framework - by Dan Fox


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