Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Icon tools

I stumbled on this brief mention of tools for creating and editing icon from a recent MSDN Mag Web Q&A while researching Internet security zones. They look helpful. I will follow up.

Q: Do you know of any good tools for converting .png (or .psd, .jpg, .gif) into .ico files?
A: There are a number of programs that do this. You can try Axialis IconWorkshop. You might also want to look at Irfanview. It's fast and does all the conversions you mentioned, along with other useful stuff. You can also use icoConverter developed by Alexandre Souza. It lets you select an image (.bmp, .png, or .jpg) that will be converted to .ico file.

Some googling led me to a few more sites of use:
Creating Windows XP Icons written in 2001 by the Windows User Experience Team
How can I add a Favicon to my Website?

In "Adding Custom Buttons to Internet Explorer" at O'Reilly's site Mitch Tulloch walks through the details of using Axialis IconWorkshop.


Blogger Allan Wolff said...

Jeff Key uses icons from FOOODS ICONS, on his dotNET site. They have absolutely terrific icons there, mostly free for all use. It is at:

1:29 PM  
Blogger Allan Wolff said...

BTW, I never found the tool mentioned above - icoConverter by Alexandre Souza.

1:32 PM  

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