Friday, November 18, 2005

Local Microsoft Events in November

There have been plenty of Microsoft events locally this month. The biggest may have been the VS2005 Launch Event. It was good to see Rocky Lhotka again, and chat with him in the Q&A booth. He is anxious about the impact of offshoring.
The last talk, (by Tim Landgrave?), on using the Component Application Block in Smart-Client apps showed stuff I had not seen before. And it finished with a BANG when he blue-screened!

CNUG had another Day of .NET on Saturday the 12th, just two days after the launch event. Pretty good turnout (>200) but somewhat disappointing lineup of speakers. The highlight for me was a talk on AJAX (even though Joel Spolsky and others enjoy pointing out that there is nothing new there).

Wednesday night "The Scripting Guys" (Dean Tstatas & Peter Constantino) were in town, and gave a good presentation. They have a great web site at Technet. Sample resource script.


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