Thursday, December 08, 2005

C# posts on several topics

I know the answer (its 42) is "Abhinaba's blog on C#, Team Build (VS Team System), and all other things". It has a number of interesting posts with numerous comments.

C#: Anonymous methods are not closures, led to extended and interesting discussion.

C# : Enum and overriding ToString on it:

His introduction:
"I saw two posts on Enums today on
Eric Lipperts and Chris Rathjen's blog. Enums are significantly different from the other types and people run into unusal problems while working with them. "
He discusses the issue I have faced:
"This is a common issue that comes up frequently when you want to show values in reports, web pages, XML where you want to put in human readable text for enum values. Commonly people use non-generic solution of maintaining arrays of these descriptions and get text out of them by indexing using the enum value or some other things like storing it in a hashtable and using the ToString value as the key to get the desciption out."


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