Friday, May 06, 2005

Articles to Print and Read

On WindowsForms Apps

There are links to lots of good articles at the WindowsForms site.

There are two well promoted reference apps from Microsoft (created by Vertigo):

TaskVision - released with the 1.0 version of the platform
IssueVision - released for DevDays 2004 - designed to demonstrate "SmartClients"

On SECURITY in Web Services

Understanding WS-Security - Scott Seely, Microsoft Corporation October 2002

WS-Security Drilldown in Web Services Enhancements 2.0

Patterns and Practices guide Designing Data Tier Components and Passing Data Through Tiers

Recently posted at the MSDN site:

Creating Dynamic Data Entry User Interfaces - by Scott Miller


Blogger Allan Wolff said...

Googling showed these links for TaskVision and IssueVision by Vertigo

Susan Warren of Vertigo wrote at her blog (in early 2004)
IssueVision != TaskVision
Just to beat back a little of the speculation, IssueVision is not TaskVision (the scenario is helpdesk vs task list -- close but not quite ;-).

I can tell you a little bit, however. IssueVision an entirely new code base, quite a bit richer in terms of features, and more solid in terms of best practices for data, security, deployment and patterns in Smart Client applications. We got a ton of great feedback from both RDs and Microsoft internal folks when writing it.
Some of the cool code snippets in it:
- Observer pattern for coordinating multiple views of data
- Nice 'occasionally connected' data flow for switching seamlessly between online/offline modes (like Outlook 2003)
- Nice scheme for downloading incremental updates to data, and merging them with the offline cache
- Secure offline data persistence (binary serialization, DPAPI)
- Storing a connection string securely with DPAPI ~and~ setting per-user in during installation
- Installing .NET security policy
- Web services security, pre-WSE 2.0
- Storing user passwords securely using Hash and Salt
- AppUpdater deployment project

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Blogger Allan Wolff said...

Another article in MSDN magazine to try to get to:

Harness the Features of C# to Power Your Scientific Computing Projects - is at -

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