Sunday, May 22, 2005

Windows XP Tips and Tricks - Windows Explorer

'Set Defaults in Explorer'

I like to set Explorer to always show the right pane in details view. But, in some installations of Win XP this setting does not seem to take. I have noticed it at some corporate sites where I worked. In discussion with the Network/Security guru there he said he had tried to fix it but failed. They had a very locked down configuration enforced with lots Group Policy settings.

These are some old links I had regarding this issue:

I've also noticed on some other machines, but never got a good answer.

I also want to post the way to add Toolbars, as demonstrated by Privbar and other tools.

Explorer Command Line Options

I like to create Desktop shortcuts to frequently used directories, and more often than not want them to open in the two pane view. The switches for this are /e and possibly /root.
Explorer [/n] [/e] [(,)/root, MyTargetDir] [/select, TargetToSelect]
Here are some references:
Windows Explorer Command-Line Options


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