Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Registry access from dot NET

I need to access data in the registry from .NET. While the Framework provides some decent classes to do so, I don't see any way to determine what the type is of a value entry. You can read the value into an object and then look at it, but I given the limited number of types allowed for registry entries, I should think there would be a simple way to get that without having to read and examine it. I will try looking for some references.

There are some at codeproject.com

This article, Accessing the Registry with Visual Basic .NET, discusses how to do the same kind of registry access that was provided in legacyVB. But that was pretty lame, so who cares.

Working with registry in .NET (C#) by Kumar Gaurav Khanna is fairly simple and straightforward.

Read, write and delete from registry with C# byFrancesco Natali is a little class library that provides 6 basic functions with some error handling.

Import/Export registry sections as XML (C#) by Sam DenHartog is pretty nice. Written facilitate the backup and restoration of sections of the registry.

Securing a registry Key ACL using .NET by Dave Curylo, MCAD seems pretty sophisticated as he has to drop to C++ to use the Win32 API to access SIDs, ACEs and so on.


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