Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Interesting Finds (a la Jason Haley)

I enjoy the frequent 'Interesting Finds' posts on Jason Haley's blog,
and so am putting up some of mine.

Keith Brown - Microsoft's fragmented Kerberos story
How Constant Are Your Constants in .NET found link through

Sahil Malik - 21st Century Slave Labor - in the United States of America on the H1B program

Jason also is moving to run non-admin, and has done a series of posts on keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio. I wonder how many will break in Whidbey?
Days 21-25
Days 16-20
Days 11-15

He also asked about a Hex editor. I like the following free one: Freeware Hex Editor XVI32
It was written in Delphi by Christian Maas. It has not been updated since 2003 but still works great. He has including a scripting facility for macro and other neat features. It does write to an INI config file, that you as user need rights to. Since I run as non-admin, I had to make an adjustment for that.

[update 26 July 05]
The Very Last Configuration Section Handler I'll Ever Need by Philip Haack

My Favorite VS.NET Shortcuts by Craig Andrea at Pluralsight

Troubleshooting Common Problems with the XmlSerializer article at MSDN


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