Saturday, May 28, 2005

Configuring Blogger for this BLOG

Now Allowing Anonymous Comments (posted 28 May 05)
I just noticed that you had to be registered at Blogger to post a comment here. Since a number of folks at the CCS user group meeting probably are not, I have switched this blog to allow anonymous comments.

Permalinks (posted 27 June 05)...
Up to now on my blog it has appeared that all posts here were identified by the title of the post, so that if you changed the title any ref to it would break. But, now I found several FAQs in the Blogger help related to permalinks.

How do I create permanent links to my posts?
Among other things, this states that I should have gotten permalinks by default when using their templates, though I did not.

What does the Link field do?
The Link field can be very useful if your blog posts are frequently about other
articles, and you want the links to these easily spotted on your public blog.

So I am turning it on and will see what happens.
Well, I also need to specify a satisfactory template for my posts.
Mostly what I have accomplished is screwing up the column layout!

Here are other potentially useful FAQs:
How can I do more with links?

And, I expect, yet more to come...


Blogger Allan Wolff said...

This is a rather frustrating blogging environment, since I can't readily find old posts.

2:09 PM  

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