Saturday, May 28, 2005

APCU User Group Meeting

Conrad Weisart spoke on UML at the APCU meeting today in Wilmette.
He has an extended critique. Mostly he skeptical about UML and many other trends in software design over the years. For example, he ridiculed the notion that traditional SE was really a waterfall, saying that was a straw-man parody of the real process. And he quoted someone as refering to extensive USE case narratives as the "Victorian Novel" methodology.

I agreed to speak at the next Wilmette meeting on running with a least privilege account.

In Random Access:
I asked two questions, and never got to asking about backup.
What are folks doing to..
1) manage passwords
2) manage favorites across machines
3) do backups

Some other questions came up...
Marlyn has set up FireFox as her default browser, but IE is still being launched when she clicks
an href link she places inside a PDF she is authoring.

Here is a recent column, at the MS IE community site that may helpful:
Playing favorites: How to control which browser is 'Head Honcho' on your PC
It discusses setting different browsers as the default by using the SPAD tool (Set Program Access and Defaults) in WinXP.